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Pinnacle Crew have been providing crew, technicians and project managers to the events industry for over 20yrs.

Pinnacle Crew has over 20 years’ experience in delivering expertise in the crewing industry, today we work with over 1000 clients on a regular basis, we are proud to acknowledge that we still have working relationships with many of these clients who initially used our services 20 years previously, which we feel is testament to our crew and our company as a whole. Founded by Heath Freeman and Mark Mower, we had an initial crew base of 6 individuals who quickly, alongside Heath and Mark, gained a reputation for excellence in not only their ability to deliver what was important on site but to understand and listen to each client on an individual basis. Today we have over 250 crew on our books in London and a further 100 in the North of the country, together with a team of 12 in the head office our growth and reputation continues to expand on a yearly basis. Pinnacle’s fundamental core philosophy has always been to provide our clients with crew that we believe will enhance and contribute towards the overall success of any given event or project that our clients undertake, we like to refer to this as fit for purpose. By this we mean crew who are physically, socially, intellectually and technically capable of delivering and performing the multitude of tasks necessary to facilitate every requirement of a client’s project or event. We understand that we operate in an exceptional environment and industry that demands flexibility and co-operation, this approach we install in all our crew, we are able to achieve this through our clear and transparent policies on recruitment, training, discipline and personal development. We have worked on and offer our services to an extensive range of sectors within the events industry, these include but are not limited to live events, film, outdoor broadcasting, TV studios, exhibitions, party organisers, sporting events, hospitality, conference and exhibitions. This exposure has afforded us an insight into thousands of projects and events over the past 20 years, all of which have been delivered and administrated with a slightly different approach, however, the primary objective has always remained the same for both our company and our clients, which is to deliver a first class event. These experiences have enabled us to optimise how we deliver our services to make our crew the best that they can be, we continuously review and evolve how we feel we can best serve our clients in an ever changing industry. Our range of services covers Crew Chief’s (first aid level 2), technical crew experienced in lighting and sound, crew hands, Carpenters/Chippies, forklift/ telehandler operators, MEWP operators, PASMA, drivers, runners, ground riggers, banks men, site managers, follow spot operators.
We operate a 3 stage interview process, which involves an initial application which is checked for suitability, after which a potential crew member is invited for an interview; here we ascertain their experience, appearance and overall suitability to our company and brand. Once successful they will then attend our induction session.

This covers not only H&S guidance but affords new crew members with an industry awareness presentation, this involves both theory and practical examples of the most common tasks that our crew will be asked to undertake. We provide all crew with an extensive Training and Health & Safety manual which we believe to be unique in our sector of the industry. Our manual was put together over the course of 15 months, and is continually evaluated to ensure it is up to date with the latest regulations and equipment. It was a collaboration of not only the British Safety Council and Pinnacle, but drew upon the experiences of our clients and their perception of the roles of event crew within the industry. It offers our crew specific examples of H&S considerations and job related scenarios that they might encounter onsite, we believe it is very specific to our role within the industry. In addition, our manual and induction process offers our crew an insight into ground support rigging, hanging drapes, cable care, cable running, audio visual and lighting equipment, set and stage construction, temporary structure construction and temporary surface and walkway covering. Our training continues throughout our crew’s career path, we require our crew to attend refresher courses as and when new procedures and legislation arise. We also encourage our existing clients to offer specific training to our crew in new technologies; this we feel benefits not only our clients but also our crew in their long term development. Over the course of recent years we have looked into ways of improving the way we implement our training compared with other training modules approved by industry standards. Subsequently we identified the Safety Passport Scheme and are now proud to be a Certified and Accredited Safety Passport Training Company, which we successfully achieved at the beginning of 2010. This enables us to train not only our crew but also our clients in the basics of H&S at work. At present Pinnacle puts its entire staff through both these training programs therefore ensuring that our crew our prepared for and competent in all aspects of H&S. In the summer of 2010 Pinnacle embarked upon ensuring that a percentage of its crew are put through the CSCS scheme, this process continues today. As the industry and our roles within it evolve, we see this as another example of our commitment to ensuring that we provide the best qualified staff for your events.

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